BDFIA-100 Shipboard Flow Injection Analyzer

BDFIA-100 Shipboard Flow Injection Analyzer is based on the principle of flow injection spectrophotometry, with a built-in high sensitivity visible detector and dual beam measurement. It has the characteristics of low detection limit, good repeatability, and fast analysis speed.

Application Scenario

Used for on-site testing and emergency monitoring of lake water, surface water, groundwater, drinking water, and environmental water.

Instrument characteristics

Ø Support the determination of multiple parameters, including total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, permanganate, etc

Ø Equipped with sample pre-treatment functions such as online distillation and extraction, no need for manual sample processing

Ø Built in standard curve, concentration can be calculated directly based on the curve after sample injection, convenient and fast

Ø Equipped with an intelligent operating system and user-friendly operation prompts, it enables continuous measurement of multiple samples and shortens the analysis time of a single sample

Ø The chemical analyzer pipeline supporting the instrument is chemically inert and transparent management, without the need for bubble generation and elimination devices

Ø It can be equipped with a trolley case and mobile power supply, making it easy to set up monitoring points along rivers or around lakes, suitable for emergency detection or daily monitoring of water system environment.