Three new products of Baode Instrument have passed expert evaluation

On May 24, 2021, China Association for Analysis and Testing organized an expert group led by Academician Wang Haizhou to evaluate the results of "BDHg-60 Direct Injection Mercury Analyzer", "BCOD-80 Automatic Permanganate Index Analyzer", and "BUI-60 Automatic Urine Iodine Analyzer" developed by Beijing Baode Instrument Co., Ltd.

The expert group listened to the introduction of Baode, reviewed new research report, testing report, and relevant supporting materials, reviewed three new products, and after questioning and discussion, confirmed the innovation and market prospects of the three new products.

一、BDHg-60 direct injection mercury analyzer


 During the review, experts give fully recognized to innovative technologies such as the BDHg-60 direct injection mercury analyzer with a solid-liquid automatic switching direct injection device (including a sample boat positioning device), an independently heated ash catalytic combustion system, a condensate water removal device, a dual beam dual absorption cell detection device, a mass flow meter control and pressure sensor monitoring system, a high adsorption exhaust gas recovery device, and an embedded system that communicates with the upper computer through LAN/WIFI.

 二、BCOD-80 fully automatic permanganate index analyzer

The experts then reviewed the BCOD-80 fully automatic permanganate index analyzer, which has a high degree of technical integration, achieving automatic capture and release of samples at different positions, and automatically completing the process of sample addition, digestion, and titration. A micro electric water bath digestion device has been developed, which achieves four channels of simultaneous detection and significantly improves detection efficiency.

This instrument meets the requirements of GB/T 5750.7 "Standard Test Methods for Drinking Water - Comprehensive Indicators of Organic Matter" and GB 11892-89 "Determination of Permanganate Index in Water Quality". It is suitable for tap water, disease control, water conservancy, environmental protection, geology and other fields, and can provide strong technical support for food safety, environmental protection, and drinking water safety.

三、BUI-60 fully automatic urine iodine analyzer

Experts believe that it is a highly integrated automated testing equipment. The quartz colorimetric dish is used for colorimetric determination, with precise reaction time control, uniform graphite digestion temperature, adjustable constant temperature water bath temperature control, non-contact mixing and other technologies, ensuring the long-term stability of the instrument's detection and accurate and reliable results.

Experts believe that the various technical indicators of this instrument have been verified to meet the industry standard requirements of WS/T 107.1-2016, and are very suitable for disease control. It is also expected to be applied in related fields such as food safety, environmental protection, and drinking water safety.